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Once upon a slide…the first microbiology book for 5 year olds!

At last! No more bed time fairy tales about damsels in distress, princesses in pink and knights in white shining armor.

Move over Disney. This is a world we should be opening our kids up to. Steeped in reality. A world 1000x more exciting than those lands too far far far away, and it is all playing out under our very noses, inside our refrigerators, outside our back doors and throughout our own bodies.

Thank you to Nicola Davies (author) and Emily Sutton (illustrator) for this beautiful non-fiction children’s book that introduces young readers to microscopy.

I can’t wait to buy this for my nieces.

Let me know if you need help with the histological sequel ;)



View more of Emily’s beautiful artwork at her website

Find out more about award winning author Nicola at her blog/website

Images and book (ISBN:1406341045) seen at and via Walker Books 

We are SO down with this.

Where was this book when I was a kid?


Collation of different species of fungus.

1. Microstoma floccosum (species of Cup Fungi) 2. Delicatula integrella 3Campanella sp. 4. Cookeina sp. 5. Trametes versicolor (Turkey Tail Fungi) 6. Pleurotus sp. (Blue Oyster) 7. Puff Ball Fungi 8. Marasmiaceae sp. 9. Cortinarius bibulus 10.Clavarioid (Coral) Fungi 11. Calyptella capula 12.Toothed Fungi 13Auriscalpium vulgare 14Calostoma cinnabarina 15. Monotropa coccinea 16Pterospora andromedea17. Laetiporus sp. 18. Red Cage Fungi 19. Phallus indusiatus (Bamboo Fungi) 20. unknown sp.


An amazing fuck-ton of jumping references.

Note that there are several types of jumps. There’s the “proper” way to jump, where you keep a straight back and a bunch of other anatomical alignment junk that physical therapists tell you to do. There’s the “Wholly shit the building’s gonna blow up!” jump where the limbs are flailing, circling, doing whatever (you see this kind in action movies). There’s the “clearing an oncoming object in a very ninja-like way” kind of jump where the goal is to get as high as possible and tuck the legs in tight to the body. There’s the “I can touch the ceiling ‘cause I’m tall and you’re not” jump where you’re simply trying to reach something, so the legs are typically straight and the arms are stretching upward (also a slam-dunk jump). And there are athletic hurtle jumps, trampoline jumps, volleyball jumps, and the tackling your pursuee jumps. Many many jumps. What I’m leading in to is that you ought to know what the character is jumping for. When you identify the jump type, it’s a great idea to find video clips of it in many different situations (or for a specific situation, depending on how precise you want it for the scene), as this is an action you’re drawing, so the best way to grasp the concept of the movement is to see the movement.

O, and I found this after posting everything (if anybody’s interested):

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My beautiful predator wolf in progress :)

My beautiful predator wolf in progress :)

Redoing an old piece

I did these little creatchers while high in the hills of California :)

I did these little creatchers while high in the hills of California :)


CHARACTER NAILS! - designs inspired by : nightmare before xmas, mars attacks, pokemon, strawberry shortcake, video games, adventure time

And again!! It makes me giddy how talented she is!


POLISH OF THE WEEK ROUND UP - Essie - Go overboard

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My beautiful friends incredible nail art!